Role-Playing Games
Role-playing games have been my primary hobby for the past few years, so this section has more original content than the others.
RPG Links
RPG Reviews - coming soon (okay, that's a dirty, dirty lie)
d20 Charisma Feats - Some fun Charisma-based combat feats I came up with.
BESM Alternate Rules - Submitted to GOO for a book that was never published.
d20 Called Shot Rules - My feeble stab at a controversial (well, "controverisal" as RPG rules go, anyway) issue.
d20 Injury Rules - I'm still not sure how I feel about my Called Shot rules (above), but I think these rules might be a bit more balanced and easier to use.
Alternate d20 Gargoyle - A more intelligent version of the Gargoyle, loosely inspired by a certain TV show...
Character Questionnaire - Ten questions to help flesh out characters and give GMs lots of plot hooks.
The Megaversal Timeline - My attempt to answer all of the "big questions" in the Nightbane cosmology and reconcile it with the cosmology presented in the Palladium Fantasy RPG and Rifts.
Over the Edge: Fringe Dice - An alternate scheme for assigning die values to Fringe Traits.
Silver Age Sentinels Movement Rules - House rules and "official" rules regarding movement.
Paranoia d20 Character Creation Guidelines - For a d20 Paranoia one-shot I ran.
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